Supporting you through Covid-19 Challenges

We are offering discounted legal services subscription service. Our mission is to support you so that you can continue to focus on seeing your organisations and businesses through this tough time.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, organisations have had to adapt quickly to survive in a rapidly changing and volatile climate. Many of us are understandably concerned at the risk of litigation. The purpose of this service is to take away this pressure and give you the confidence to make the best decision for your organisation

With the UK government’s continuing phased lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, some common Covid-19 related worries are

  1. staff challenges, including continuing to work from home or remain on furlough due to concerns about contracting Covid-19,

  2. financial difficulties and planning of redundancies

  3. business continuity and disaster planning

  4. legally compliant risk assessments

  5. limited trading abilities with continuing social distancing requirements, impacting financial stability of organisations

  6. issues with contracts and ability to comply with terms through the Covid-19 restrictions

  7. online signatures and whether they can be relied upon legally

We can help you.

Download our guidance prepared by our legal team that provides useful information on risk assessments, risks of litigation and government changes on insolvency law to protect organisations. Please note that we are currently reviewing changes in the law and working on updating this document. 

Please click here to subscribe or contact us to find out more about our services. Become a member today and have access to a solicitor or qualified legal advisor who can help with any of the issues raised above, in addition to these membership benefits:

  • Access to a solicitor to review all your policies and to assist with concerns covered by the subscription

  • A bespoke risk assessment and toolkit and review of existing risk assessments to ensure legally compliant

  • Legal assistance with non Covid-19 matters and other legal issues.

For legal issues not listed on our pages, contact us and we will direct you to a solicitor who can assist.

For further information or details on how to subscribe to our service, contact us.


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